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Saturday, January 8, 2011
So sorry I have not updated this is a while. I hope to update more often soon. Let me hear you if you have anything you want to hear about on here. Are you a children's minister who needs discussion about a particular part of children's programming, family ministry or curriculum? Or, perhaps you are a youth minister who is wanting discussion about how both CM and YM fit together within our faith communities? I am hoping to explore places like this in the coming months. Leave me a comment if there is something in particular you want to begin a conversation over.
Blessings in 2011,

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Chris said...

As many know, I am Joanna's Husband and a youth minister.

I would love you to talk more about thinking through the development of children's faith on their way to youth ministry and beyond.

I would also like to hear more on the depth of children's ministry, as often it seems it gets a bad wrap for being shallow and more babysitting.

Joanna said...

Thanks, Chris. I will be thinking on those things.

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