Thursday, September 9, 2010
"Hello, I am Joanna and I am a children's minister." (Insert All: "Hello, Joanna.")

As Children's Ministers, we must admit that there is something very unique about the place that we hold in our churches, the perspective that we come to ministry with, the joys we encounter and the struggles we face. Here is a place created to join us together, to share in a community of sorts, to grow and to support.

There is little to find for children's ministers out there in the world wide web. I have been looking for fresh perspectives and voices that are passionate about being a part of the spiritual lives of children. As I learn and search and continue to grow in the ministry that God has called me to, I want to share what I find and how I am growing. So, I invite you to join in on the conversation. Share with us all what you are finding. Share with us what you are passionate about when it comes to working with children. Share with us your story in ministry.


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