Bible Sunday

Sunday, September 19, 2010
A tradition of many Methodist churches is presenting children's bibles to rising 3rd graders. For our church, today was that day and it was such a wonderful day! Our 3rd graders were excited to have this special worship moment focused on them and were excited to be receiving their new children's bibles. We heard from our new associate minister about his own 3rd grade Bible and his memories of receiving it and using it some 60 something years ago. We also had the joy of presenting these children their bibles through the illustration of a life-size bible and bible characters who came from it to share their story with the children. The best part of Bible Sunday is, of course, watching the kids open their new bibles along with finding the surprise of their parents and ministers favorite scriptures highlighted. Favorite quote of this moment: "Pastor Jim autographed my Bible!!"

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